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Pastor’s Corner Pastor Joe Hackett, pastor, Peace United Church of Christ Gladbrook, Iowa

January 2, 2020
Northern-Sun Print
Wise Men Still Seek Him Remember the last time you went on vacation. A destination was decided upon. Travel arrangements were made- plane tickets bought, rental car and hotels arranged. If driving, maps were reviewed or at least downloaded to your navigational system. You knew what you wanted to do along the way or when you got there. It was all planned before you left home. Let’s jump back to the time of Jesus’ birth. The Magi or Wise Men saw the new star appear in the heavens. They did not know exactly where it was or what exactly they would fine, but they ventured out to find out. They didn’t make their reservations along the way; they did not have Google Maps to guide them; there was no Holiday Inn waiting with a clean room and fresh towels. I can also surmise there were no McDonalds to stop in to grab a quick bite to eat at either. Nevertheless, they made the journey. They knew what they were doing was important. They trusted in their knowledge and faith that they would find a newborn king. The beauty of the Wise Men’s’ story is that we know how it ends- our lives, not so much. Starting out on any unknown journey requires faith, trust and courage. As our life journey unfolds, there are many times that require that faith, trust and courage so aptly demonstrated so long ago. Accepting Jesus as our navigator and co-pilot means we are never alone on this trek. Following the light of Christ in today’s world is not always easy. Sometimes our vision is clouded by our own humanness. Sometimes we struggle against the violent or narcissistic attitudes of the secular world around us. Sometimes, we fall or end up driving around in circles afraid to stop and ask directions. Our wonderous God always is ready to forgive and never ceases to love us-despite ourselves. In this new year, seek God in the quiet moments as well as the loud ones. Seek God in the face of a stranger or the embrace of a loved one. Seek God in your workplace, school or home. Seek God when quenching your thirst for knowledge or reflecting on your passing days. Seek God when actively listening to one another. Seek that Light that never burns out, never is extinguished and never fades away. Happy New Year and Blessings on your journey!



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