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Gladbrook Public Library

November 27, 2019
Northern-Sun Print
The Gladbrook Public Library would like to take this opportunity to give a big Shout Out to the many, many community members that took a part in this year’s Haunted House!!!! Without the help of of all of you, this could never happen! A Big Thank You too, to the nearly 300 people that came through the doors! This is why we do it!!! At a time in our world where there seems to be so much division, we take pleasure in providing an evening of fun for our community, a night of joining together and, maybe meeting some people new to our community. At the risk of omitting someone, we will try to give recognition to all that helped in one way or another! Huge thank you to Gina Diaz of Granger Ia for her artistic ideas and talents and the use of many of her spooky goblins. To Chad Mussig, Andy Brallier and Brian Lage for providing corn. To Todd Karr for supplying our youth with pizza on set-up night. To Gladbrook Auto, Goos Implement, Chris Bittinger, Craig Harders, Zac Wegner, Scott Stephenson, for their donation of time and tools. Last, but by no means the least, our cast and crew: To Mayor Keith Sash for being a good sport and taking on a leading role every year! To JoAnn Sash for her help and support. To Mary Millard, Courtney Millard, Jaime Schmidt, Jackie Stephenson, Becky Posusta, Steph Goos for their help with everything from make-up to running. And our TAB (Teen Advisory Board) for their roles: Jordan Sherman, Jasmin Terven, Madison Rohrer, Sydney Vavroch, Rhianna Murty, Lily Bru, Jay Bru, Rexanna Millard, Mariah Wood, Alice Hunt, Sierra Trainer, Anna Mussig, Stella Betts, Drayson Stephenson, Brayton Davis, Parker Schmidt, Chris Utterback, Aubrey Runner, Olivia Maddux, Grace Wegner, Colby Trainer, Sarah Schildroth, Alex Wolf. Our deepest apologies to anyone we may have missed.

“Our story began last year with our inmate being incarcerated for the crime of murdering the local librarian, Mrs. Lila Steward King. He has been held, without bond, since October 2018 in the local jail. As we moved into 2019, local authorities have disovered that our inmate is also wanted in 7 states all over the midwest - for being a serial killer of Librarians!!! He was sentenced to the electric chair! Unfortuately, he somehow escaped our facility and, as of right now, is on the loose! We do have reliable witnesses that claim he was headed east in search of the Carnival, hoping to secure work with them as a clown! Be sure to come next year to find out if he has been apprehended. Till Next Halloween......!!!

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