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Westbrook Acres-August Is Staying Cool Month

August 1, 2019
Northern-Sun Print
August 2019 Dates To Celebrate Admit You’re Happy Month National Canning Month National Eat Dessert First Month National Fair Month National Golf Month National Parks Month National Peach Month Blueberry Month Happiness Happens Month Summer Fun Month July 3 – August 11: Dog Days of Summer. These are considered some of the hottest days of the summer. What must you know before you teach a dog tricks? More than the dog. Did you hear about the neighbor who was so grouchy her dog put up a sign that said, “Beware of Owner.”

We’d like to extend our deepest sympathies to the families of Betty Etter and Norma Sass. Norma lived at The Independent Living facility. We will keep their families in our thoughts and prayers.

A note from the Administrator: I surely hope that everyone has been trying to keep cool!! Please remember to stay hydrated during those hot/humid days. Just another friendly reminder that if there are food items that you have brought in for your loved one, that they be turned over to the kitchen or given to staff to have placed in the resident refrigerator (with their name on it.) If there are clothing or other items that can be removed from your loved ones room to avoid clutter, please do that as well. We want to ensure that we have a clean and safe environment for all of our residents here at WBA

August Birthdays Delores Casebolt August 4th Judith Winkler August 22nd Staff Andrea Raffield August 3rd Heather Wagner August 30th


Attention We have changed the day of our weekly wor-ship services. We will be having services every Tuesday at 10:00 instead of Wednesdays be-ginning this month. We appreciate our area pastors coming here every week, and leading services for us. The residents enjoy it very much. Thank you.

Resident of the Month – Georgie Schipper Georgie Schipper was born on January 17th north of Aplington, Iowa. He came from a family of 9 boys and 1 girl. He always lived on a farm; and was a farmer at a very young age. He went to coun-try school through the 8th grade. Georgie and Lois lived across the road from each other and attended school together. They have been married for 63 years. His pride and joy was driving tractor and working in the field. After retirement he continued to work on the farm at 80 years old with his son. They had 4 children, but lost a daughter at a young age from cancer. They have 12 grandchil-dren and 13 great grandchildren. He has grandchildren and greatgrandchildren that live in Alaska, Minnesota, Chicago, Kentucky and South Dakota. Georgie grew up in the Bethel Reformed Church. He loved singing in the choir. He was the Sun-day School Secretary also. He likes to watch sports, and shows like The Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune and polka music on RFD. He always played a lot of cards, games and liked to read. He was on a bowling league, and played a lot of golf. He rode snowmobile, even with Lois sometimes, and went to Canada on fishing trips for 25 years while the kids were growing up. He likes to talk to people, which we have certainly enjoyed visiting with him on many, many occasions. Lois said they moved from the farm a few years ago, and moved into an apartment. He went downtown every day in the morning for coffee and to visit with others. Lois says Georgie is a busy body, always has to be doing something. Well we know that Georgie is a great guy, very helpful, and we’re happy to have him here with us. We enjoy him so much. Thanks Georgie!

Customer Service Superstar in July Kaelynne Meling Superstars of customer service enhance the customer experience for our residents, family members and visi-tors’ day in and day out. They take great service up 10 notches and knock the ball out of the park on every in-teraction they have. We are very lucky and honored to be able to showcase one of those superstars to you, Kaelynne Meling! Kaelynne, you were nominated by two of your peers, Teresa and Lori! “We believe that Kaelynne is a very responsible adult. She is always willing to pick up hours to help out when needed. She is a very kind and compassionate person and one who you can easily get along with. A lot of staff thinks that she deserves this award.” Kelly Larson, Administrator states “Kealynne has been an asset to this facility for quite some time. She has worked PRN, PT and FT as a CNA while she continues her schooling to become a nurse. Kaelynne is usually one of the first to approach nursing admin to see how she can help her peers. She has also worked many of the departments here at WBA. We hope that she will choose to stay once her schooling is completed. Kaelynne, we commend you for your passion and dedi-cation to Westbrook Acres. We are very proud to have you as a part of the team!! Keep up the good work!



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