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Garwin Modern Homemakers

May 2, 2019
Northern-Sun Print
On Tuesday April 9th our meeting opened with The Pledge of Allegiance followed by Elaine doing three readings – {well enjoyed by all}. Roll Call was then asked by Verna – “What school or schools did you go to until you graduated?” New Business, Judy will let us know more about the July meeting next month. Elaine then did a game ‘Do you know your hymns?’ Kathy then had the program, “Who am I?” She read clues to each of us about Famous Cities or Famous Countries and also animals. We had Fun and enjoyed this game. We had a new member join, Lorrie Waite. Karen Jackson came with her Mother Verna Stamp today. Sandy again this month had the table filled with appetizers and desserts, she also had coffee, lemonade, tea and water. After enjoying the food we visited for some-time before going home… IF YOU ARE A PERSON OF FEW WORDS - YOU WON’T HAVE AS MANY TO TAKE BACK



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