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Letters to Santa

December 27, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
Dear Santa, Here is my Christmas List: A painting box Barbie Dream House Sliding Penguin Book The biggest, biggest, biggest unicorn I’ve ever seen – It is purple and at Debbie’s work The biggest Nutcracker A light up snow globe (for mommy & daddy) I have one more thing for you Santa…check out the stickers on the deck door. I have not touched Cindy Lou Who. We got her a lot of clothes. Can you bring a big red star for my mommy and a sleigh for daddy so he can fly to work? Love, Kinley Miller

Dear Santa, I want toys – sheep, cows, pigs & horses. I will be good. Santa no watch Codi. Love, Codi DeWitt

Dear Santa, I want for Christmas – a robot, a semi with two trailers, and a light up Christmas tree. And a little baby robot. That is all I need Santa. But I need a farm with semis and combines and tractors. I was kind of a good boy today. And tomorrow I’ll be a good boy. Love, Beau DeWitt

Dear Santa, My name is Jackson Gienger. I am 2 years old. I have been good this year. Some of the nice things I did this year were using my manners and sharing toys. I would like a corn head, a semi with a livestock trailer, books, a digger and a bulldozer, and Paw Patrol. Love, Jackson Gienger

Dear Santa Claus, For Christmas I want a battleship that has army men that could go in to the army jets. I love you Santa Claus and you too Christmas. I love the world. Love, Logan Boone

Dear Santa, Hello. How are you? I have been a good boy so write me on the good list. This year please bring me a Ninjago tower, Ninjago everything. I want 3 nerf guns and new games, a tree house, and a Spiderman bike, Christmas lights, chickens, new swimming suit, new goggles, new slime, new coat, new pants, new stickers. Love, Tate Koester

Dear Santa, Hello. How are you? I have been very good this year. Please bring me a plunger gun like at the store, a checker game, 3 Nerf guns, police stuff (handcuffs and walkie-talkie), new goggles, new Christmas hats, slime, Ninjago everything, new stickers. Love, Clay Koester

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a phone and camera and a puppet sonw and another game and a lot of coler pagis and pader. Thank you Santa a lot. You’re the best. I love you Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. Bye. Love, Taryn

Dear Santa, For x-mas I want a black boxer robot and magic tracks (mega set) and the ‘Who Was’ series, a new iPod case, checkers and chess, spy-x superear, spy-x lazer trap alarm, the movie Meg, and a toy nutcracker. Love, Drayson Stephenson

Dear Santa, I want a blue boxer, dinosaur legos, Star Wars nerf gun, new jammies, a basketball, a red dog man book and car tracks. I have been good. Love, Liam Stephenson

Dear Santa, I’d really like a John Deere excavator for Christmas! I love tractors and the color green. I’m sorry I cried when I saw you. I’ve been a really good boy! Merry Christmas Santa! Love, Brecken Brallier

Dear Santa, I have been good because I help people, clean, and try not to bug my parents. I would like the backpack and box project, MC2 makeup kits and a new phone case that says ‘lifes a struggle when you’re a muggle’ and hopefully a prush. Love, Joss Warnell

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy. It’s Anthony. I know I haven’t wroten to you for a while. I kinda forgot bout her. I am sorry for the bad handwriting. All I want is 1. Dream leaf 2. Cardboard gun with the spit ball and 3. A computer. Also I wish you answer back to this letter. Thank you Santa. Your still believer 13 year old boy, Anthony Utterback

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. This is what I would like for Christmas: 1. Squishies, 2. Cutie cars, 3. Nancy Drew books, 4. JoJo bows, 5. JoJo microphone, 6. Monster High Dolls, 7. Slime Kits, 8. JoJo fake guitar. How many elves do you have? How many reindeer do you have? Thank you for the toys you are getting me. Love, Taelyn Sash

Dear Santa, Thank you for everything! Here is a list of things I’d like for Christmas: computer, nerf guns, western shirts, socks, football gloves, football cards, jeans and hats. Love, Easton Sash

Dear Santa, I have been somewhat good this year. For Christmas I would like the semi at Theisens, 6,000 pigs and cows, truck and trailer to haul livestock, new tractor, train sets (wooden & battery operated), train tracks, sheep toys & a computer for Easton. I like you and love you so much! Love, Casein Sash

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. Here are some of the things I would like for Christmas: 1. Scruffaluffs, 2. Pikmi pops in large, 3. Enchantimals, 4. Toy animals & 5. Toy computer. I like you and thank you for bringing me gifts every year. Love, Dayton Sash

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. Here are some of the things I would like for Christmas: 1. Scruffaluffs, 2. Pikmi pops in large, 3. Squishies, 4. Toy cat, 5. Toy computer. I like you and thank you for bringing me gifts every year. Love, Dawson Sash

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I hope the elves are doing well. I can’t wait for you to eat our yummy cookies! For Christmas I would love to have a black and white kitty! Love, Annabelle Gibbs

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want two big dolls. I also want a machine to help me pick up my toys. I also want a tooth brush. And some squishy toys. Have a safe flight! Love, Briana Ferch

Dear Santa, Mom said we always have to have 3 presents every year and for my 3 presents I want a big hachamolls (the ones that you take care of), a magic pad, and the legos friends resort. Sincerely, Adeline Campbell Please deliver at Ray Hinemans house because we now live there.

Dear Santa, For Christmas, I would please like Ninjago movie, Lego star wars video game, Barbie Dreamtopia, a book all about Reindeer. How do Reindeer fly? Love, Adeline Kulhavy

Dear Santa, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. I want a pink pony. Love, Baylee Murty

Dear Santa, I’ve been bad and good. I think I could be better. Please can I have Buzz Lightyear? Love, Cooper Murty

Dear Santa, How have you been doing? I hope everyone up at the North Pole! I would like this for Christmas: A Live at the Opera record by Queen A JBL speaker A Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette A black 1950s butterfly swing dress (it’s very pretty) Panic! At the Disco white Call Now tour hoodie A Sister Apparel hoodie (repeating hoodie) Volleyball, naps, and Netflix(in XL) Team Damon phone case The Little Mermaid swimsuit The Hate U Give book Nice headphones Scrunchies Candles/Scentsy pot or scent wax Fuzzy socks (long) Make-up New bed sheet like my parents Starbucks gift card Nightgowns Stickers for my hydraflask Sincerely, Kylie

Dear Santa, How are the reindeer doing and the elves? How is Mrs. Claus doing? How are you doing? For Christmas I would like… 1. A glittery Starbucks cup. 2. A hoverboard in light blue. 3. New headphones in light blue. 4. A new fuzzy blanket. 5. Fuzzy socks. 6. A new phone charger. 7. Rose gold name necklace. 8. Phone case. 9. New make-up. 10. New speaker. 11. Roller skates. That is all I want for Christmas this year. You do not have to get me everything. Sincerely, Grace

Dear Santa, How are you doing? Also how are the reindeer, the elves, and Mrs. Claus. For Christmas, I would like: The red and green dragons from the Lego Ninjas Lego sets. Also the Batmobile from the Lego Batman Lego set. 6 month Xbox Live New iPhone charger Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus Nerf bullets normal and mega Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastadon And a big pack of colored pens The vialyn of Straight Out of Compton Most importantly my stuff BACK! Sincerely, Landyn

Dear Santa, How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? I would like a mermaid tail that you can swim in please! Don’t care what color. A fluffy long blanket. My dad not to work as much. My grandma to feel better. More crafts. Charlie to stay. Slime stuff. Room decorations. More corn! Money. Hoverboard! If you can get me everything on my list that is perfect. Thank you. And Cabbage Patch plug-ins. Ryanne

Dear Santa, Christmas, Christmas, where is Christmas? Christmas, Christmas is coming to town. I hope Santa doesn’t get stuck. I hope Santa doesn’t get sick. I hope Santa can come. I want a flying skateboard and all colored Sharpies, pictures of all animals that I can color, a special box for the colored Sharpies. I have been very good. I have been good by helping my mom and dad. I do chores and I help them by making breakfast and I have been very good by helping them put up Christmas decorations. Thank you, Nash Mayer

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. I help Mommy with my brother, I say please and thank you, too. I like to dance in my sparkly shoes and wear pretty dresses. Could you please bring me ballerina dress and shoes? I would like some purple stickers and purple table. And…maybe a pony for me and Mommy. Thank you, Rosina Mayer

Dear Santa, I want a guitar, a Ninja Turtle fighting a zombie, a snowboard for my brother and I, and Ice Age toy. I have been a good boy because I help her decorate the Christmas tree, help with the chickens when they are out of the coop. I help do other chores too, like feed the pigs and kitties. I can help cut and cook in the kitchen, too, I love to stir the spaghetti. Thank you, Graham Mayer P.S. I hope you don’t get stuck.

Dear Santa, My mom and Mike told me to say I’ve been bad but I think they were joking. I personally think I was good this year. The point of writing this is for me to tell you what I want this Christmas. I’m not gonna ask you for what probably every other girl will ask you for, I would really like a nice set of dual tip copic markers, and an Easy Bake Oven. Thanks for reading my letter and at least possibly considering what I want for Christmas. Sincerely, Deja Lynn Tucker

Dear Santa I would like a Unicorn that turns into a bracelet. Thanks, Jenna Beichley

Dear Santa All I want for Christmas is a Jumbo Hatchimal egg, comfy pj’s, some games for my 3ds, Cozmo robot, Lego’s and a Living Bird. Thanks, Jayden Beichley

Dear Santa, I’ve been kind of good this year. I would really like a Robot boxer, high tops and a Gizmo watch for Christmas. Thank you Wilken Schmitz

Dear Santa, I feel like I’ve been good this year. Did I do good Santa? Can I have a Hulk Costume, Black Panther Costume, Spiderman gloves, and a Hulk hand please? One of my hands got lost so I’d like a new one. Oh, and I’d like a Black Panther glove too. That’s all. I’ll leave you milk! Thank you! Theo Schmitz P.S. My dog Riggs wants a bone.

Dear Santa, I am 4 years old and have been very good this year. I really would like a watch please. Also may I have the biggest Nerf gun of All! (and I like red -so if it could be a red Nerf gun I would Love that!) I will leave you some cookies. Merry Christmas! Ashton Sienknecht

Things I want: Hot wheels, remote control car, drawing kit, another elf, t.v. in my room, stuff animals, jammies, blankets, candy, slippers, treehouse, bike, BB gun, bungie chair, Lego’s hamster, phone, bouncy balls, Steelers jersey, sweatshirts, Pokémon cards, books, fish in a fish tank, lightsavers, markers, jeffy puppet, piano guitar, cloths, 100 dollars, candy canes, python, lamp for my room, footballs and a girlfriend. To Santa I have been very good and you should know because you see everything. Braiden Beach

Christmas List 110000000 Dollar Phone 1. A phone (really want) 2. Make to move doll (really want) 3. Easy Bake oven (really want) 4. Dolls 5. Doll clothes (really want) 6. Emojie pillows 7. Ice cream maker (really want) 8. More clothes for Izzy 9. To see Owen and Blake and Raven (really want) 10. Necklace maker 11. Iowa State blanket and pillow (really want) 12. Stuff animals 13. Sketch pad 14. Candy 15. Sticky pads Candy 1. Candy cane 2. M & M’s 3. Candy canes 4. Oreos 5. Swedish fish 6. Hersheys 7. Gummy worms 8. Gummy bears 9. tootsie rolls 10. popcorns 11. ice cream 12. twix 13. Butterfinger Dear Santa I’ve been good this year I hope I will get a lot of good stuff Ella hides in weard spots. She said bright light we couldn’t find her for 2 day and we found her she hid in mommy’s lamp. Sincerely, Kaylee Beach! p.s. I love you

Dear Santa I want an Electric scoter one that goes up to 130.8 pounds. Then I want snap circuits the normel one is gine. Then I want slime I do not care what color it is. Thank you Sincerely, Skyler A Murty

Dear Santa Hows it been. I’ve been great. School, cattle, tag. I hope I’ve been good enough. Anyways, I got 1st at cattle congress! We will leave you some goodies for the reindeer and you. But for Christmas I would like, Electronic snap circuts SC-300 Paints and paint brushes able easel a canvas (I don’t care about size) Sincerely, Rhianna Murty

Dear Santa, I’d really like a pink motorcycle like my neighbor Theo, but not black. I like pink. I also like Frozen, makeup & nail polish. Oh, and lip gloss. I’ve been pretty good most of the time with just a little naughty. I’ve been working really hard at preschool! Merry Christmas Santa! Love, Bostyn Brallier

Christmas List Dear Santa-I am 7 years old and I have been really nice this year. And what I want for Christmas is slime ingredients glue shaving cream, glitter, bead, form beds, Activater and I want a slime kit and 3 pound slime. A big nurf gun. And already made slime. Expo markers and sharpies and glitter markers, we’ll be leaving carrots for the reindeer and cookies for you. love, Alaney Marie Sienknecht

Dear, Santa For Christmas I want a morf bord with all the parts. A football and a baseball, and a computer that is all I want for xmas. You’re the best! love, Caleb Ferch p.s and if you can cologne. Have a safe flite!



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