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Veterans Honored

November 21, 2018
Northern-Sun Print

The Gladbrook American Legion Auxiliary hosted a Veterans Day Program at Westbrook Acres on Fri., Nov. 16th. Americanism Chairman Lisa Reinhard was in-charge of the program. Pianist Sue Koster got everyone into the spirit by playing a medley of patriotic music.

Lisa welcomed a large crowd of veterans, their family, and community members. She stated that Veterans Day gives Americans a chance to pay tribute to all service men and women.

Lisa read the names of all veterans present and told their branch of service. Jeanne Paustian and Jolene Denbow pinned a poppy boutonniere on each veteran. All veterans present served either in the Army or Navy so those two military songs were sung.

Article Photos

Veterans present were Back Row (l-r) George Bruene, Claire Koobs, Lynn Steiert, Homer Ross, Loren Frericks, and Allen Eggers. Front Row: Pete Hoing, Bill Hambly, Keith Alberts, and Casey Tucker. Not pictured: Dores Ross.

Lisa had just returned from a trip to Philadelphia and Boston. She stated that near Boston in 1775 in the towns of Lexington and Concord the Revolutionary War begun. This war marked the beginning of America's veterans. Lisa walked the freedom trail, seeing the north church where the lanterns were hung, Paul Revere's home, and the harbor where colonist dumped tea. She had walked the grounds of Bunker Hill where the bloodiest day of the Revolutionary War took place. American veterans have been protecting the rights of the United States for more than 240 years; that is longer than we have been a nation!

Lisa talked about the celebrating Veterans Day in Philadelphia. She visited the Museum of the American Revolutionary. In the museum was a very impressive display featuring George Washington's original tent, that he camped in during the Revolutionary War. He declared that he would suffer as his men suffered and camped with them in the battle field. It was quoted that "the tent, like the republic, survives. It remains a symbol of the fragile American experiment, the power of the people to secure their own freedoms." Since 1775, nearly 41 million servicemen and women have provided that security so the rest of us can enjoy those freedoms. That number doesn't even include the military personnel involved in the Global War on Terror since Oct., 2001.

Lisa stated that "freedom is not free", and the following words are etched on the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, "They have given their time; many have suffered physical and mental wounds. Many paid for their patriotism with their lives."

The program ended by all joining hands and singing "God Bless America".

Refreshments of patriotic cupcakes were served by Jolene, Jeanne, and Lisa.



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