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Pastor’s Corner Rev. Barb Muhs, pastor, Salem Church of Lincoln Lincoln, Iowa

October 25, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
“Remebering” When I move back to Iowa to begin my ministry, there was an older man on the church board that had a warming smile, quiet disposition and the ability to think through situations in life. I later learned that Don was involved in a 12 step program and that over the years he had sponsored many people, was a main contact for the county jail and was not afraid to talk to anyone about his past. Don often came into my office just to check in and to see what he was missing. You know there is always something happening in a church building. One day he entered and said he had misplaced and important paper. Don knew where it was but it seemed his wife had gone through his office and had thrown several important papers away. I was taken back because by this time I knew Don didn’t have an office in his house OR our in the barn. Carefully, he explained to me that as a farmer his truck was his office and that wives just needed to stay out of their husbands “offices”. That fall was a windy one and before harvest was over both beans and corn were down,(sound familiar)? Daily Don would go out to the farm to help his two sons with field work and then every couple of days he would stop in the office to see how things were going at the church. Preparing to leave my office Don would pause at the door, turn and say, “You know, no matter the outcome of this fall and this crop, we will all still celebrate Christmas on December 25th!” Now those words got me to thinking! Over the years there were more “Donisms” as I called them. When things got busy and a bit crazy at the church, Don would stop in and say, “Remember, you can only peal an onion one layer at a time”. Reminding me that doing one task at a time was sometimes the best you could do, too many tasks and your onion would never get pealed. Later in life when Don’s heart got too weak for him to do much he was content to sit on the front porch of his house and watch was happening in the neighborhood. (By this time Don had become my neighbor) Each afternoon he would sit out there and would greet people as they walked their dog or as they were walking the neighborhood. Often, I would walk over and ask him what he was thinking about, many times he would answer, well, I’m afraid that this year we won’t all be celebrating Christmas together on December 25th. I share this with you about Don because this upcoming week many people will be celebrating All Saints Day. A time to remember those who have passed from this life into eternity. Many of those who have died have left footprints on our hearts and we remember them often for the wisdom, their love, their laughter and the way they influenced us while they lived among us. As Christians we celebrate lives lived and remember our friends and family in our prayers, giving thanks to God for allowing our paths to cross. I pray that you pause and remember those who have left an impression in your lives and as you pray remember the words of Paul to the people of Phillipi,”I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,” 1:3 Pray that the many of us do get to celebrate Christmas on December 25th!


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