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Pastor’s Corner Rev. Gideon Gallo, pastor, Gladbrook United Methodist Church Gladbrook, Iowa-The Power of Encouragement

September 13, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
Back to School! This simple phrase reminds us of the gift of learning. Learning is an unending endeavor. It comes to us in many ways but most significantly, it comes to those who are willing to learn. Parents play a great role in nurturing their kids in appreciating the gift of learning. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he or she is old he or she will not depart from it,” (NASB). To train is to give encouragement. We should not underestimate the power of encouragement. This is the best guiding principle that parents can provide to their children as they continue to seek and discover the gift of the fullness of life through learning and education. Just as discouragement is contagious, so as a word of encouragement as it lifts spirits and spreads to others. Encouraging our children to be in their best and to be their best in their learning pursuit ensures the gift of the future for them because encouragement is an act of bringing courage to them as they navigate the challenges of learning and educational pursuit. Encourage your children to dream dreams, hope for the best and looking beyond. Encourage them to look upward to God and seek His will in their lives. Remember that education and learning without God is only making our children clever evil. Encourage them to bring the gift of the future in their present life. You may have heard a story of the sad plight of the person who, greatly discouraged, crawled out on the ledge of a very high building, contemplating suicide. A friend, hearing of the dilemma, took it upon himself to offer a word of encouragement. Standing on the ledge beside his colleague, he said, “I’ve come to encourage you.” “No, I’m going to jump. It’s no use.” “Before you do anything violent, let’s us talk this thing over,” said the friend. They did…and the friend was able to convince the person about to commit suicide that there is life beyond what he is experiencing. Many stories testify to us how decisive was a word of encouragement to a person in many life’s circumstances. For encouragement dwarfs the circumstance of life or anything that pulls us down. Parents offer your gift of encouragement to your children. Offer your gift of encouragement to others.


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