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Tama Co. Economic Development By Heath Kellogg

September 13, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
A guy is walking through the desert when he meets three men going the other way. One is drinking out of a water bottle, one is looking at his phone and the third one is dragging a car door. He stops to talk to them. “Why are you guys out here?” he asked. “Our car broke down in the middle of the desert, so we started walking to see if we could find help. I figured I should bring some water, so I grabbed a bottle,” says the first guy. He asks the second guy, “Why did you bring your phone?” “I figured I could call someone for help,” he says. This makes sense, so he goes to the third guy, who is dragging the car door, which has clearly been ripped off its hinges, behind him. “Why’d you bring a car door?” He answers, “I figured if it got too hot, I could just roll the window down.” Accepting the status quo - you sit back and do nothing (giving up on ever seeing a different result). When we choose to sit back and “do” nothing (yes, choosing not to act is taking a form of action) we are heading in the wrong direction. When you apply this principle to the subject of Tama County’s economy we need more people that are willing to stop accepting the status quo. All I’m asking you to do is show up and get involved in your community. This is not some complicated crusade that is going to consume your entire life, just attend two or three meetings a year and let your opinion be heard. Tama County’s local towns are operated by a network of hard working volunteers. They commit countless hours to tackle everything from budget cuts to arts & culture. These are often very important elements of community living that don’t always get the time and attention they need from the general public. Don’t think you’re qualified? Your passion for an issue can often offset any direct experience you might not have. Take Action: Visit our site and search our communities for the date and time of your town’s council meeting. If you’re not online, call our office 641-484-3108 and we will show you where you can get involved. You can also friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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