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Supervisors approve Otter Creek transfers , 2019 budget amount

June 28, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
As customary, the Tama County Board of Supervisors approved a fiscal-year-end transfer of funds including amounts for the Tama County Conservation Board during their regular meeting on Monday, June 25. Upon the recommendation of Bob Etzel, executive director of the conservation board, a total of $39,168 in ending balance money was moved to the Land Acquisition and Development account. Etzel said this fund is earmarked for improvements as well as land purchases. He said future plans call for dredging of Otter Creek Lake possibly in a few years. Etzel noted the dam at Otter Creek Lake northeast of Toledo was completed in 1970. In addition, a total of $22582 was deposited to the Machine and Motor Vehicle account. Park camp fees collected totaled $36,021 in 2017, an amount of $1,021 over the projected budget amount it was also reported. Also approved were transfers of funds from the General Fund to the Secondary Road Fund totaling $163,066 and from the Rural Fund to the Secondary Road Fund the amount of $2,087,878. Department Appropriations Supervisors gave final approval to appropriations for the 2019 fiscal year matching the amounts budgeted for each department. The budget totals $22,485,313. As might be expected, county roads takes the largest share at just over $11 million of the total budget while “Bee Hive Inspection” is allowed $200. By department the amounts include: Engineer $11,084,431; Sheriff $2,621,164; Local Health / Nurses $1,397,503; Board of Supervisors $1,114,314; Mental Health $974,856; Conservation $895,915; Non-Departmental $647,2,44; Road Clearance $545,045; Treasurer $465,366; Attorney $460,366; General Services $433,605; Auditor $386,409; Insurance and Bonds $335,437; Recorder $230,079; Data Processing $169,077; Veterans Affairs $105,227. And, Court Services $81,500; Correctional Services $80,000; Human Resources $71,329; Relief / Social Programs $67,265; Libraries $64,065; Medical Examiner $56,587; Policy and Administration $43,500; County Farm $35,000; Ambulance $24,350; Substance Abuse $22,800; 4-H Fair Grant $22,500; Historical Society Grant $12,625; Weed Control $11,439; Zoning $10,013; Human Services $7,500; Other Social Services $4,500; Township Officers $4,105; Bee Hive Inspection $200. The board approved weekly claims totaling $218,883.


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