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Message From Our Mayor

June 21, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
I want to begin this letter by thanking everyone in our town for making it very presentable for both Mother’s Day and Father”s Day. With all the rain we had your hard work, it shows that we are all proud to live in this fine town. Keep up the good work going into Corn Carnival. We have had a lot of new families move into our town and the surrounding area in the last few months. Let’s welcome all of them and show those coming to Corn Carnival what we have to offer. I have told you that I would keep all of you informed of anything going on with our school building – so here goes. About six weeks ago both Superintendent David Hill and I were contacted by Mr. Jerry Alejo about the possibility of using the elementary portion of the school for a federal program involving housing of homeless female veterans. There are currently over 40,000 female veterans in the U.S. not counting those that live with other family members. This would be a federal backed program. It would involve remodeling the elementary into 10-15 dorm room type housing. This would be for women only with no men allowed in the building except for maintenance workers. A lot of these women are separated from their children because of their homeless situation. The hope is that they could be reunited with their children (usually 2 or less). A lot of these vets have a drinking or substance abuse problem. Part of this program will help with that along with getting job training. This is transitional housing to give women and children the opportunity to reconnect and heal and is not long term housing. This program could expand up to 60 residents and at that time it would provide the following services – food service, dieticians, medication services, child care and onsite supervising staff. Jerry and Petra have given the city council and me a lot of facts and figures on this kind of business. Your council is very interested in studying this proposal. This is the only plan that has made sense to this point. We have a long way to go before the use of the school takes place. We all need to know more. I am planning on a town hall meeting in July to give everyone more answers and a chance to ask questions. I will let you know when. A little about Jerry and Petra Alejo – they are in the business of restoring houses and buildings, then renting them out. They own the Nelson house across the street from the Methodist Church, also the Dewitt building on main street and a second house here in town along with several in Marshalltown and Eldora. This is enough information for now. See you at Corn Carnival. Talk to me or a city council person.

Keith Sash, Mayor

PS – Jo needs help on keeping the Gladbrook Musuem open during the Corn Carnival on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Give her a call! Make sure you go into Matchsticks and see Pat Acton’s new model – a Dodge Charger from the Fast and Furious movies. Wow!



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