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Tama County Primary By John Speer CIP

June 7, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
How many absentee ballots still out and are returned and for whom they voted may determine which Democrat challenges incumbent State Rep. Dean Fisher (R-Montour) in the November General Election. Absentee ballots which must be returned by noon Monday, June 10, could tip the scale in either direction giving more support to the leader in the race, Mindy Benson, Tama. David Degner, rural Clutier, trails Benson by four votes currently in the four-way contest in unofficial returns in the Tuesday, June 5 Primary- 386-382. Votes of the other candidates were Jocelyn George, rural Cltuier- 192 (17.49 percent) and John Anderson, Tama, 132 (12.02 percent). If the present margin holds, Benson has the 35 percent necessary to qualify for the nomination. Her current vote total stands at 35.15 percent with Degner at 34.79 percent. But in Tama County there remains three un-returned Democrat absentee ballots and there are 40 in Marshall County. In addition there are three Democrat provisional ballots which have not been counted in Tama County. They involve residency or other issues and will be decided when the Absentee Board meets Friday. No total of absentee ballots not returned was immediately available for Black Hawk County. It should be noted the Marshall County total of absentees includes the entire county and District 72 includes only primarily the southern and western portions of the county. In Black Hawk County, House District 72 is only made up of a small portion of the southeastern part. The official canvass of the June 5 Primary is set for 68 a.m. Tuesday by the Tama County Supervisors in their Board Room at the Tama County Administration Building, 104 West State, Toledo. Fisher, who ran unopposed for the Republican nomination received a total of 791 votes in the three-county area. !st District Tama County Supervisor Incumbent 1str District Tama County Supervisor Larry Vest, rural Traer, won the race for the Republican nomination over challenger Curt Kupka, rural Elberon. In unofficial returns, Vest received 179 vote and Kupka p olled 70 votes. Vest will be seeking a seventh term in the November General Election. U.S. Congress Abby Finkenauer was the choice of Tama County Democratic voters and the 1st District overall in the four-way contest for the nomination for the U.S. House District 1 seat to oppose Republican incumbent Rod Blum in November. Finkenauer polled 399 votes to 239 cast for her closest competitor, Thomas Heckroth whose total stood at 239 votes.Heckroth had actively campaigned in Tama county and stressed his family roots here, State Tama County voters followed the state trend with Democrats favoring Fred Hubbell for the nomination to challenge Republican Kim Reynolds in November governor. However, Democrats in Tama County picked Jim Mowrer over Deidre Dejear for Secretary of State with Dejear winning the state-wide contest. Republican Secretary of Agriculture In a five-candidate race for the Republican nomination for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig, topped the list with 148 votes in Tama County. Naig also leads state-wide but has fallen short of the required 35 percent needed to get win the nomination. The candidate will be picked on June 16 in a Republican convention. Naig told The Chronicle / News-Herald during a campaign stop at the newspaper office on May 1 the possibility of no candidate receiving 35 percent was possible.Similarly State Senator Dan Zumbach, another of the candidates for Ag Secretary, told The Chronicle-News-Herald he could envision no candidate receiving the needed 35 percent. Zumbach received 128 votes in Tama county with Criag Lang at 132, Ray Gasser - 39 and Chad Ingels- 32. Tama County Results In uncontested races across Tama County, incumbent Republicans Recorder Deb Kupka, Treasurer Michelle Yuska and County Attorney Brent Heeren all were on the Primary ballot and advance to the November election. Heeren faces a challenge from Democrat County Attorney candidate Mike Marquess in November. Neither Kupka nor Yuska are opposed, unless a candidate seeks nomination by convention.

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