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Conservation-I Blinked And Almost Missed It By: Kevin Williams, Grundy County Conservation Director

June 7, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
As I write this, the first official day of summer is still almost three weeks away on June 21. That’s the longest day of the year called the summer solstice. However, I have already logged many days of breaking sweat. Not just very warm days but true 90 degree, dripping sweat days. The flies are bothersome and mosquitoes are busy. My orioles have backed off their orange feeding frenzy as they get on with the more serious business of nesting. I don’t care what the calendar says, by most standards I think summer is here! It is like I blinked and almost missed it! I have mentioned this in previous newscolumns in previous years but I will mention it again. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. They always fly by too quickly but this year has to be some kind of a record! Snow in the middle of April and 90 degree temps just a few weeks later. With the crazy weather, my mushroom finding season was way too short. I did get out to a favorite spot and gathered enough for my wife and I to enjoy and share a few with the kids and their families. So Spring was short but, for the most part, sweet. We could use moisture but the rains that have come have done so without the damaging thunderstorms. I have seen fawns following their mothers which means they were born a couple of weeks ago. Baby wooducks are falling (jumping) from trees all over the place and then following their mamas to water. In the parks, business has been to ready campgrounds for the season. One nice thing about the spring is that the grass held off growing for the most part until we could get the seasonals on board. This year, we have Jake and Nick returning which helps in having guys that are already familiar with the areas and the work. They are joined by Drew who has taken to things well. Together they will be handling the mowing and park cleanup this summer. They can look forward to experiencing some other aspects of parks and conservation, as well. On the Pioneer Trail, you will notice some much needed trimming of trees that was accomplished prior to the new trail material that was put down and smoothed. Wildlife food plots are going in last week and this week. Some are seeded to soybeans, some to sorghum, and others to a mixture of grains and legumes. And finally, the road in front of the Grundy County Lake entrance is receiving a turning lane with the construction happening there. Hopefully, this will be a valuable addition to the traffic safety there. It promises to be a busy summer with some other improvements in the works that I’ll wait to talk about in the coming weeks!



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