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Gladbrook/Lincoln area Memorial Day Services

June 1, 2018
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The Gladbrook/Lincoln area Memorial Day Services were conducted on a very warm summer day May 28th. The service was coordinated by the Avenue of Flags Committee of the Gladbrook American Legion & Auxiliary and Lincoln AMVETS and Auxiliary.

Rev. Carol Kress of the Gladbrook UMC gave the address for our veterans at the 15 Mile Grove Cemetery, Maple Hill Cemetery, Badger Hill Cemetery, Chapel Cemetery, Union Grove Cemetery, Union Grove Beach (for those lost at sea) Crystal Cemetery, and Gethmann Cemetery. At these services there were laying of wreaths, honor guard & firing squad and TAPS.

At 11:00 a larger service was conducted at the Gladbrook All-Veterans Memorial. A nice crowd enjoyed the preservice patriotic music by the G-R Band.

Article Photos

Photo by Betty Dahms
The American flag was raised by Korean War veteran Chuck Willer. Pictured are (l-r) Steve Willer, Chuck Willer and Dick Denbow.

After Rev. Kress began the program with a prayer, the G-R Band played the "National Anthem" and Legionnaires raised the flags. The American flag was raised by Korean War veteran, Chuck Willer.

Rev. Carol Kress address was entitled. "The Shining City Upon a Hill". She stated: "This phrase is biblical in origin, coming from the parable of salt and light. It is part of the sermon on the mount. In the gospel of Matthew 5:14 Jesus tells the listeners, 'You are the light of the world. A city that is set upon a hill cannot be hidden.' The phrase has found common use in the lexicon of politicians who are of all stripes, colors, parties, caucus, hair styles and body shapes. The first time it was used was in an oratory from 1630 given by the Puritan John Winthrop. He delivered the speech while the Pilgrims were still aboard the Arbella, anchored in Massachusetts Bay. Winthrop sought to remind them that their new colony would be 'as a 'city upon a hill', watched by the world.' Therefore it should be founded upon the principles of God and be committed to the principles of 'communal charity, affection and unity.' Winthrop went on to caution the colonists that they would either "uphold their covenant or be made a story, a by-word through the sword of God's judgment."

The words of John Winthrop were a gift to our ancestors and they are a gift to us. Like our ancestors, we are committed to the live in accordance to these principles. Ronald Reagan was one politician who reflected on the words of John Winthrop. (Let's remain mindful that presidents from George Washington to Barak Obama have lifted up his quotes regarding the 'shining city on a hill'.) This is what Reagan said during his presidential campaign of 1980. "I have quoted John Winthrop's words from his speech on the Arbella more than once. For I believe Americans today are every bit as committed to the vision of a shining 'city on a hill,' as were those long-ago colonists. The ones who now strive for that city do not come from one race. They are white or black, red or yellow. They do not come from one religion. They are Jews, Muslim and Christian. They do not share politics as they are conservative and liberal. But all of them are citizens of the United States. Therefore we must unite with all of them in mutuality as proud Americans. All Americans are in awe of what has gone before us in history. All Americans are hopeful for what is still to come. All Americans need to be willing to make our own contribution to the city on a hill so that it will brightly shine."

We are committed to a higher good. That shared ideal under-girds the national holiday we are observing now. We are here to pay tribute to the fine Americans and warriors who stood up for that higher good despite the high price of it. They are the ones who have paved the street leading to that shining city. They deserve our respect. It is their sacrifice that allows us to stand united under the protection of the banner that bears colors of red, white, and blue.

In an American Legion publication regarding Memorial Day, it is reported since the American Revolution, more than one-million military lives have been cut short by war. This is a significant number. However, I will only tell of two of these one-million souls:

The first telling is of a 21-year -old aviator from Arizona. He fought one hundred years ago in the World War 1. This serviceman was known as a Flying Ace because he was young, fearless and remarkable. Army man Frank Luke claimed 18 aerial victories over German fighter planes in 18 days. Reports of his exploits filled newspapers in England and America, On September 29, 1918, he was chased by eight enemy air craft who finally managed to shoot him down over France. Surrounded by the enemy he defended himself as best he could before receiving a wound in the chest and dying on the battle field. This American Fighter Pilot, Frank Luke, became the first pilot to receive the Medal of Honor. His memory is held in high regard by in a permanent display at the National Aviation Hall of Fame. This was one-hundred years ago.

The second telling occurred fifty years ago. It happened half a world away from France on the Asian continent. Lt. Commander Sharon Lane was a volunteer with the Army Nurse Corps. She chose to enter service because many young men from her Ohio community had been drafted and she realized there was a great need for nurses to administer to their care. At first the Army assigned her to a hospital in Denver, Colorado. But Lt. Commander Lane was eager to go over-seas. So in 1968, she was assigned to the 312th Evacuation Hospital in Chu Lai, South Vietnam. This hospital was under frequent enemy fire. In a letter home, Lt. Lane told of one attack, writing: "We got as many patients as we could under the beds and we put mattresses over the ones in traction. What an interesting place! No one is scared any more days like this are just a part of the job." It was a dangerous job and Lt. Commander Sharon Lane became the first nurse to die in Vietnam.

Unlike Serviceman Frank Luke, there is no Wikipedia page dedicated to Lieutenant Lane. She is not honored in a Hall of Fame. She did not receive high-medals such as those received by Audie Murphy (the most decorated soldier of World War 2). Yet she, like all the other fallen whose stories and names we do not know, was every inch a hero as were all the others who died without official award and great public recognition.

Although we will not do it, each of the one-million fallen soldiers deserve to have their story told. We will not tell their stories now, but we will recognize they have many great tales to share. They are heroes. The one-million remind us that by appearance, heroes look to be diverse. But by heart, they are united in their stand. Let us united with them in our shared love of this shining dream of a city on a hill. Surely, we can agree it is a dream for which it is worthy to give all that we have and all that we are. The United States is worthy of our loyalty. If need be, the United States of America is worthy our death.

All Soldiers, Sailors, Air Corps, Coast Guards, Marines, Infantry and Reservists deserve to receive gratitude and respect. Gold Star families are also deserving of this as they have sacrificed a precious gift on behalf of our nation too.

That is the purpose of setting aside the national holiday named "Memorial Day". We are here because of each one of these people. May God bless those who have served in the armed forces. May God bless any who have been in harm's way on behalf of this great nation. May God bless the fallen heroes and their families. May God bless the United States of America."

After Rev. Kress address, two poppy and clover wreaths were laid in front of the two veterans stones by Gladbrook Auxiliary President Jeanne Paustian and AMVET Auxiliary President Karen Lage.

The service concluded by the G-R Band playing "God Bless America" followed by the benediction, the salute by the firing squad, and TAPS. G-R student Sam Cahalan did a beautiful job of playing TAPS. Members of the Honor Guard & Firing Squad included members of the Lincoln AMVETS , Gladbrook Legion & SAL members: Ron Busch, Loren Frericks, Jim Gethmann, Paul Koester, Dennis Haack, Bob Knaack, Leo Lohse, John Clausen, Russ Rosenberger, Jim Bush, Jim Schneider, Doug Sienknecht, Tony Sienknecht, Richard Denbow, and Steve Fevold.

Poppies and program books, with all the veterans listed from all the cemeteries, were distributed by Jr. Auxiliary members Bryleigh & Kenzie Bartel, and Jordan Sherman, and Unit member Chris Hickman.

Many enjoyed the Memorial Day dinner hosted by the Gladbrook Legion & Auxiliary at the Memorial Building.

Gladbrook Honor Roll

Crystal Cemetery

Civil War

Andrew Balfour

Jonathon F.S. Bishop

Wm. C. Crawford

Chas. F. Davis

David M. Dickey

John R. Felter

James Gallagher

Wm. Gallagher

August Luesch

Jonathon Morton

Wm. S. Townsend

Edwin Lynde

World War I

Henry Lowell Davis

Wm. McTurk

Chas. J. Woehlk

Clarence Stoltenberg

Arthur K. Wiese

Fred Stammer

Harold Cooper

Earl Goodenow

Virgil Martin

Theo E. F. Busch

Edwin Landt

Oren J. Scott

Edwin Aldrich

Henry Lench

Walter Poland

August Seeman

Walter Cuthbertson

Wm. Balfour

James Kvidera

Bernard Schultner

Alfred Luethje

Louis Hutchison

Edwin Eggers

Hans B. Dreessen

Henry Busch

Charles Busch

Charley Kahler

Hannes Landt

Edward Claussen

August Ploen

Henry Stamp

Frank Frahm

Emil Bartling

Ed Stamp

O.H. (Lee) Engel

Charles Engel

John Alfred Niedermann

World War II

Loren Woehlk

Lester Delfs

Merl Hutchison (memorial)

Ralph Martin

Lyle Medberry

Glenn F. Boldt

Earl Steiert

Harvey E. Diedrichsen

Frank Stamp

Darrel Margretz

Wayne Bush

Dan Allard

Elmer Blocker

James Gilchrist

Curtis Lane

Van Wert Wiese

John Boerm

Robert W. Crawford (memorial)

Eldo Sievers

Lester Boldt

Leo Welsh

Harold (Herk) Eggers

C.D. Parsons

Loren Kammerer

Hollis Sievers

Louis Niedermann

Emil Bartling

Wm. Gillespie

Clarence Haack (POW)

Franklin Frahm

Arlo Landt

Wayne Paustian

Wesley Beecher

Eldon Siemens

Gus Wrage

Lester Carstensen

Kenneth Busch

Dean Vint

Russell Lyon

Arthur Landt

Loren Emke

James Engel

Roy Kvidera

Wilbur Luethe

Loren Luethje

Regular Army

Floyd Ross

Korean War

Eldon Toensfeldt

Lynn Luethje

Lavern Arp

Lester Landt

Leonard Landt

Vernon Boege

Richard Luethje

Verle Luethje

Roger Rohweder

Roger Lacina

Harry Thoms

LeMoine Staker


William Balfour

Lawrence Terbl

Jerry Busch

Lynn Eggers

Ryan Busch

Bruce Johannsen

Dennis Emke

Floyd Carstensen

Lonnie Boerm

Stan Goos

Kenneth Wiese (memorial)

William Gary, Jr.

Chad Cooper

Keith Johannsen

Chapel Cemetery

Civil War

Edgar H. Finch

John Hooper

Chas. Zink

Joseph Milholland

World War I

Henry Mauck

Roscoe Mann

Homer Lynch

Roy Kline

Henry Vahrenwald

World War II

Kenneth W. Parsons

Leo Willard Hoing

Walter L. Stevenson

Leslie Carty

Albert Hoing

Ernest Dunham

Lowell Appelgate

Walter L. Giesenburg

John R. Fleming Jr.

Melvin Edwards

Harold Reed

Halloway Dunn

Peter Pukacz

Sidney Handorf

Charles Plett

Zeal Bessman

LaVern Eckhart

George Wirth

James Berhow

Gerald Case

Korean War

John J. Bruns

James Svendsen

Richard Svendsen

Donald Burt


Allen Weitzell

Shirley Weitzell

Maple Hill Cemetery

Civil War

Nick Hildebrand

Joachim Boldt

World War I

John Ehrig

Claus J. Dreessen

Hans Jensen

Albert H. Pugh

Lawrence Eike

Ernest Reese

Otto Brahms

Walter Sonkens

Karl P. Wieland

Henry Hughs

Martin Thomae

Alvin Hoppe

Wm. Dahms

Harry Foster

Ed Wieland

Charles Lazenby

Rudolph Kroeger

Wm. Beyer

Albert Dreessen

Wm. Hamann

Ed Buck

Chancey Allard

Julius Kuehl

Dr. H. D. Kehoe

Rudolph Kroeger

John E. Ewoldt

Leon L. Schoel

Edward W. Brauch

John Evens

Ray Hooper

Otto Barfels

Harry C. Ballhorn

Carl Sebbert

Adolph Dahms

Henry Wilken

Henry Sebbert

Arnold Rohweder

James Lage

Emil Jipp

Walter Hermann

George Pappas

Freeman Pippert

Ernest Evens

Harry Dahms

Lowell Smith

Albert Dierks Sr.

Lawrence Putney

Herb Barfels

Robert Evens

Wm. Mohr

Harold Whelan

Paul Junge

World War II

Edwin Paustain

Russell Mathern

Nobel Klink

Gerald Fink

Lyle Klink (memorial)

Lester Thaden

Halbert Scharfenberg

Alvin Moeller

Raynard Boege (memorial)

Harold Staker

Lester Politz

Fred Engel

Herman M. Wrage

Leon Lage (memorial)

Lester Niedermann

Elvertus Ploen

Vern W. Sonkens

William Johns

Louis Dreessen

Arlo Hansen

James W. Scott

O. Lynn Kroeger

Vernon Dahms

Ernest Jacobs

Leighton White

Gilman Dahms

Leslie Gouak

JerryTimberlake (memorial)

Elroy Beddow

Raymond Johannsen

Kenneth Kroeger

Duane Clow (memorial)

Earl Koobs

Robert Bartusch

Harry Harms

Wendell Storjohann

Hilton Gloe

Elmer Lorenz

Carl Rehder

John Schoel

Paul Junge

Roger Schroeder

Cleon Schoel

Claud Vasey

Wayne Lear

Elmer Hoeppner

Loren Pieper

Tom Morrow

Wayne Baumeier

Forrest Logan

Ray Lynk

Irwin Ladehoff

Don Peters

Lyman Petersen

Andrew Jorgensen

Ora T. Boone

Marvin Harders

Raymond Lorenz

Erwin Dahms

Clarence Schulz

Donald Dahms

Wilbur Plett (memorial)

Victor Sebbert

Lester Greve

Gene Walston

Marvin Otto

Leslie Hass

Fred Goos

Paul Arp

Wayne Mullnix

Lloyd (Doc) Kroeger

Art Izer

Dwayne Street

Wm. Pippert

Lawrence (Jack) Jindrich

Ted Reece

Jerald Clemons

Elmer Greve

Earl Plaehn

Edward Haack

Robert Kroeger

Lloyd Harmsen

John Sass Sr.

Irwin Goos

Delbert Scheppler

James Pippert

Eldon (Dutch) Harms

Walter Petersen

Loren Thede

Doug Seeman

Lyle Moeller

Wm. Schadt

Robert Harder

Herbert Langland

Elmer Niedermann

Leon Sienknecht

Roger D. Goos

Alvin Hamilton

Melvin Cathcart

Warren Booth

Loren Mehaffy

Harold Hoppe

L.G. Schaeferle

DeVere Goettsch

George Chizek

Leonard Dahms

Louise Lynch

Fred Seda

Donald Dreessen

Ed McCreery

Paul Lundt

Elmer Bern

Howard Lynch

Evan Goos (memorial)

Korean War

Pete Oettchen

Werner Oettchen

Jack Street

Ted Wentzien

Roger Kroeger

Roland Sharp

Larry Crist

Walter Oettchen

George Adelmund

Merlin Melton

Ude Thaden

William Thomae

Myrtle Schoel

Gavin McTurk, Jr.

Fritz Fulster

Clair Goos

Carroll Wegner

Gene Storjohann

Leo Kroeger


Stephen Hass

Tom Pippert

Larry Travis

Thomas Kuhl (reserves)

Richard Devries

Larry Raum

Gary Schroeder (memorial)

Rodney Wiebensohn

Dennis Baumeier

Van Volkens

John L. Tracy

Gary Bern

Curtis Ohrt

Keith Davis

Rick Wiebensohn

Ken Koch

M.P. with the

European Theater

Karl Wiebensohn

Persian Golf

Jerry Nichols, Jr.

Badger Hill Cemetery

Civil War

Brazil Smith

Geo. Hulse

Erskine Wescott

Melvin Cole

Geo Lamkin

R.B. Christopher

Geo. L. Wilbur

Wm H. Thomas

Wm. Davenport

Harvey Westcott

Issac Stauffer

Oliver C. Hyatt

H.T. Willard

Lewis French

Graudis Wescott

Wm. O. Pond

Geo. Benson

Jonathon Conant

Philip Bright (memorial)

Amasa E. Steward

World War I

Blaine Hulse

Floyd Howard

Jess Benson

Clarence Mitchel

(Canadian Service)

Ralph Rosenberger

Glenn Shortess

Art Weise

Earl King (memorial)

Geo. H. Conant

C. Floyd Harris

Clarence W. Broeker

Joseph Leonard Harland

Earl Stauffer

Edward Gloe

Melvin Nelson

James Crouch

John Lynch

Philippine Service

Dale Burt

Spanish American War

Chas. Freeborn

World War II

Merrill Laufer

Robert Freeburn

Gaylord Stauffer (memorial)

Leroy Reinhard

Charles King

Ray Rowden

Lyle Johannsen

Burdette Poland

Allen Medberry

Gilbert Dahms

Oscar Guinn

Arlo Sienknecht

George Nelson

Richard Bruene

Lynn Reinhard

Merle Slate

Elmer (Doc) Thurman

Max J. Elliot (memorial)

Wayne Whannell

Maurice Kehoe

Korean War

Paul Bruene

Carol King Cowan

Adolph Bruene

Rockne Elliot (memorial)

Kenneth Crumrine

Gerald Raum

Jay Dee Shouse


Gordan Hatch

Terrance Elliott

Regular Navy

Harry Freeburn Jr.

15 Mile Grove Cemetery

Civil War

Albert C. Brockway

W.M. Bailey

George Baldwin

John F. G. Cold

Spanish American War

Herbert C. Schwyart

World War I

Claude Hoeg

Harry Verley

World War II

Charles W. Curry

Gilman T. Wiese

Dorothy (Patricia) Jensen

Arthur Jensen

Robert Schwyart

Korean War

Donald D. Dittmer

Ralph C. Bern


Leonard Umscheid

Union Grove Cemetery

War of 1812

Stephen King

Civil War

James Rokes

David Swartout

Shep Poland

Phillip Rokes

Russell Morrow

World War I

Raymond Earl Berry

World War II

Cullen Hotopp

Homer Day

Gethmann Cemetery

Civil War

Henry C. Broeker

Spanish American War

Ernest Fahrenkrug

World War I

John A. Hoffbuhr

Roy Koster

Art Broeker

Walter Gethmann

Julius Bruene

Dr. O. Walter Rest

Herman Bartling

Harry Seydel

Roy Meier

Wesley Bruene

Ora Seydel

World War II

Wilbur Conrad

Elmer Dudolski (memorial)

Robert Dudolski (memorial)

Geo. Gienger

Kermit Koester (memorial)

Robert Feltz

Everett Budde

Ivan Gethmann

Harold Dudolski

Kenneth Frey

Harold Koester

Elmer Eilers

Martin Bruene

Korean War

Loren Flamme

Donald Keiser


Kenneth Lowry

William Gethmann

Cook Walden Parks

(Round Rock, Texas)

World War II

Robert D. Denbow

Huxley Lutheran Cemetery (Huxley, Iowa)

Korean War

Thomas Okland

Reinbeck Cemetery

World War I

Gus Storjohann

Dr. A.J. Ploog

Donald Palmer

World War II

Ed Fredricksen

Raynard McGowan

Fred Fredrickson

Emil Fredrickson

Denman Poland

Wm. Ballard

James Westergard Sr.

James Bern

Donald Mohr

William Hogan

Raymond Hauschildt

Claus Junge

Wellwyn Poland

Russell Witt

Rev. John Christy

Korean War

William (Bill) Wrage


Gary Mohr

Peace Time

Gary Poland

Charles Raum

Oak Hill Cemetery

(New Hartford, Iowa)

World War I

Abel A. Nieman

National Guard

Robert D. Nieman

Amity Cemetery

Civil War

James Sloss

John Whannel

Spanish American War

W.S. Kline

Hugh E. Mitchel

World War I

David A. MacGrouth

Ernest Ehrig

George S. Patton

Robert A. Innes

Hubert E. Young

Frank Giberson

Raynard B. McGowan

Elgy Townsend

John Wyler

World War II

Wilbur Lorenz

Robert Frahm

Raymond Thoms


Jay Neil

Palo Alto Cemetery

(Newton, Iowa)

World War II

Wayne Copenhaver

Golden Gate National Cemetery (San Francisco, CA)

World War II & Korean War

Max J. Elliot

Highland Memory Gardens

Des Moines, Iowa

World War II

Curtis Hanover

Garwin Cemetery

World War I

John Hannegon

Archie Hannegon

World War II

LaVern Staker

Darrel Richards

Dean Thomas

Kermit Tannett

Arden Slickers

Korean War

Wendall Parsons

Larry Ambler

George Kunch Jr.


Robert Jordebrek

Stavanger Friends

(LeGrand, Iowa)

World War II

Don Swenson

Oakland Cemetery

Korean War

Dean Warren

Leonard Luethje

Clinton Garfield Cemetery

(Rolfe, Iowa)

Korean War

Walter Easley

Anchorage, Alaska

World War II

Wilbur Plett

Dobson Cemetery

World War II

Morris Lowry

Lissome Cemetery

World War I

Carl Denbow

Grundy Cemetery

World War I

Arthur J. Siemsen

Michael V. Catherwood

World War II

Elmer Colin

Lillian McDonough

Korean War

Kenneth Stoehr

Peace Time

Gerald E. Catherwood

Rose Hill Cemetery

(Grundy Center, Iowa)

World War II

William James Schultz

Sunny Side Memorial Gardens (Charles City, Ia)


Charles Schwickerath

Blairstown Cemetery

World War II

Richard Haack

National Cemetery

(North Dakota)

World War II

William "Bill" Schwartz

Merle Hay National Cemetery (Glidden, Ia)

World War II

Paul Trinkle

Toledo Woodlawn Cemetery

World War I

Alex Boldt

World War II

Henry Abrams

Howard F. Coleman

Max Beck

Korean War

Carl Wheeler


Gary Schroeder

New Albion Cemetery

World War II

Paul A. Nieman

Morrison Cemetery

World War II

Omar McIntyre

Donald McIntyre

LaVern McIntyre

Robert McIntyre

Korean War

Roger McIntyre

Beaufort National Cemetery (South Carolina)


Leland Maassen

Cedar Falls Cemetery

World War I

Dr. G.T. McDowell

World War II

Marshall P. Henry


Peace Time

Robert V. Catherwood

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

(Toledo, Iowa)

World War II

Marvin Murty

Radcliffe Cemetery

World War II

Karl Harms

St. Ansgar Lutheran Cemetery

World War II

Lloyd Kogle

Conrad Cemetery

World War II

Robert Lynch

Buckingham Cemetery

World War I

John Weiler

World War II

Karl W. Ransom

Robert Fillgraft

Lawrence E. Smith

Evan Goos

John Tomlinson

Wallace Breakenridge

Korean War

Lawrence Wrage

John (Jack) Bauch

Eagle Center Cemetery

World War II

Ray Schmitz

Cedar Memorial Park

(Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Korean War

Larry Janssen


Larry Russell

Cherokee Memorial Park

(Lodi, California)

World War II

Calvin Treadway

Riverside Cemetery

(Marshalltown, Iowa)

World War I

Dr. Lawrence Hoffbuhr

World War II

Willis Coonts

Dan Estal


Wm. Elmore

Rose Hill Memorial Gardens (Marshalltown, Ia)

World War II

Edgar Ploekemann

Robert D. Schultz

Peter Carstensen

Earl Eggers

Harold Denner

Russ Grove

Heinz Fulster

Robert Fahrenkrug

Rodney Speicher

Korean War

Thomas Frericks

Edwin Lacina

Charles Saint

New Albion Cemetery

World War II

Paul A. Nieman

Keota Cemetery

World War II

Richard Bott

Mount Calvary Cemetery

(New Hampton, Iowa)

World War II

Paul TeKippe

Riverside Cemetery

(Shell Rock, Iowa)

World War II

James Rice

National Vining Cemetery

World War II

Charles Herink

France Over Seas

World War I

Don Holden

Earl King

Grover Claussen

James P. Catherwood

World War II

Leon Lage

Chas. Raum

Gaylord Stauffer (memorial)

Mountain View Cemetery

(Mesa, Arizona)

World War II

Roy Carstensen

Fair View Cemetery

(Shawnee, Oklahoma)

World War II

Fred Sonkens

Dysart Cemetery

World War II

Vern Clemann

Korean War

Leland Frahm

Garden of Memories

(Waterloo, Iowa)

World War I

Arthur Fink

Korean War

Ernest Hinkle

Houston Nat'l Cemetery

(Houston, Texas)

World War II

Forrest Bartusch

Fremont Memorial Park

(Fremont, Nebraska)

World War I

Louis Paulsen

Vienna Cemetery

World War I

Roy Walters

World War II

William Sams

Korean War

Roger Minser

Des Moines Cemetery

World War I

Hugh Catherwood

Mount Olivet Cemetery

(Waterloo, Iowa)

World War II

Henry Mentel Sr.

Fort Collins Cemetery

(Fort Collins, Colorado)

World War II

Wayne Jessen

Iowa Veterans' Home Cemetery

(Marshalltown, Ia)

World War II

Rodney Simpson

Holy Cross Cemetery (Lyndhurst, New Jersey)

World War II

Lester Struwe

Columbarium Memorial Garden

(Mesa, Arizona)

World War II

Raymond H. Dreessen

Lynwood Cemetery

(Clarksville, Iowa)

World War II

Walter R. (Dick) Poland

Haven Cemetery

(Tama, Iowa)

World War II

Leonard Shope

Charles City

World War II

George Haberman

Sunny Slope Cemetery

Corona, California

Korean War

Ron McCright

Arlington National Cemetery

World War I

Earl Schultz

World War II

Charles Dusek

Clarence Halverson

Roland Cemetery

World War II

Ralph Alvestad

Polsley Cemetery

(Yorktown, Iowa)

World War II

Dr. Robert Gamble, DVM

St. Mary's Cemetery

(Nichols, Iowa)

World War II

Lee Ulch

Circleville Cemetery

(Circleville, Ohio)

Korean War

Marvin Crumley

USA National Cemetery

(Sante Fe, New Mexico)

World War II

Lloyd E. Poland

Mira National Cemetery

(San Diego, California)

1975- 1997

Marvin Sells

Pleasant Grove

(McGregor, Iowa)


Charles Fish

Jordan Cemetery

(West Des Moines)


Allen Kroeger

In Memorial


Ed McCreery

Hilton "Jack" Pappas

Charles (Bob) Johnson

Korean War

Carl Warnell

Tom Cross

Carl Hof, Jr.


Gary Rishel

Jim Smock

Loren Schmidt



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