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Message From Our Mayor

May 24, 2018
Northern-Sun Print
We had a good rain this weekend at 1 ? inches. The farmers needed it for the crops and pastures and it helps green up our yards here in town. Most of the yards look great being freshly mowed. Thanks to everyone for getting their yards looking great. I will only have to send out a few letters on mowing. Along that same line, our community clean up day is going to be June 9th. I hope everyone will look around their yards and get rid of unwanted items. We will have a big dumpster located on the north end of town by the recycling center and we will have help there to assist you with unloading. Please get your permit ahead of time at City Hall and remember NO GARBAGE! Congratulations to all of our local graduates both High School and College. It’s a great milestone in your life. Your parents, family and your community are all very proud of you. Best of luck in your future! Thank you to all the mothers who celebrated Mother’s Day last week. I know you are not thanked often enough. It is a never ending job being a mother. We all think it slows up when the kids leave home but that just changes the job description to more worrying about your kids and how they are getting along and also to being a grandmother if you are lucky and really lucky if your grandkids live close. Jo just got back from the park with our five youngest. I know she enjoys the time she gets with them including ballgames and dance recitals. She gets worn out but wouldn’t give up one minute of the time with them. Thanks to all of you mothers and grandmothers for all the work you do. Once in a while we get lucky here in town. It happened this last month when Alliant Energy decided that they have been charging us too much for electricity for the street lights on Main Street. They sent us a $33,000 refund check. Your council has put that money into the street budget. They intend to spend $64,000 on the streets this year. As some of you may have noticed there is work going on between the old fire station and the doctor’s office. This is the start of the new Medicap Pharmacy. What a great addition to our town. They hope to have it done in the next few months. The new spec home is just about done. It will be completed within the next 60 days. If you or you know someone who would like a new home, have them look at this one. These are two nice additions to our town showing that Gladbrook is still alive and growing. On the sad side, the swimming pool will not be open this year. It needs a new diving board at $15,000 and a new filter system for $12,000 in order to keep it open. On top of that the last two years we have been under contract with the Toledo pool manager to run our pool here. They feel that they don’t have the personnel to manage and to provide lifeguards this year. Your city council and I feel that now is the time to close our pool permanently and have it torn down along with the rest of the school. Not any easy decision. With Corn Carnival fast approaching on June 28 to July 1 we need volunteers to help out. We could us volunteers in Matchstick Marvels and at the Gladbrook Museum (both are sitting jobs) and also different jobs with Corn Carnival activities. Some jobs are just having the doors open and talking to guests. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Keith Sash, Mayor

PS – Our Fire Department lost their pumper truck in a grass fire recently. They could use some financial help in replacing it. More later.



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