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Pastor’s Corner Rev. Barb Muhs, pastor, Salem Church of Lincoln Lincoln, Iowa

April 14, 2017
Northern-Sun Print
Holy Week is a week that I believe we appreciate more as we age. As a child it meant an extra day off from school (Friday). On this day there were Good Friday Services in our town.Elementary students went to the baptist church,Jr. High went to the Presbyterian Church and the High School had services at the YMCA. All of the services were held at 10:00 and if you missed the service you missed a MAJOR community event.Saturday was a day to beg my mother to dye eggs, Sunday was an Easter Breakfast at church where the Fishers who owned the bakery made Hot Cross Buns followed by the choir cantata and finally the rest of the day spent with cousins. Life and Holy Week seemed so simple back then. Simple is good! Maturity and understanding add a few more layers to our understanding of Jesus’ walk to the cross as well as the triumphant celebration of his resurrection. In reading John this week (several times over)20:1-18. I keep missing something, it dawned on me today what I am missing. No where in the account of Jesus appearing to Mary or the disciples do we read of heralding trumpets like many present on Easter! Rather we read of excitement in the voices, miss identification of Jesus, and AWE. I can only imagine what it must have felt like to the believers when they began to recognize Jesus and the fulfillment of scripture to prove the non-believers wrong. Perhaps it was a loud, YES! that they chanted as they realized Jesus was once again among them as he said he would be. Sunday, we will gather in our houses of worship to celebrate a Risen Savior, who was indeed the fulfillment of scripture and who throughout his life taught lessons that have been passed down from generation to generation, who believed in you and me so much that he was willing to give his life on a cross(how humiliating) so that we, yes, WE might know the power of God in our own lives. Herald the trumpets! Shout the Alleluia’s, Let it be known that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, let EACH day be an Easter day and be the people God calls you to be each and every day. Serve a Risen Savior! Life….death…Jesus conquered all and THAT is worth sharing!


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