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Don't believe Edler's negative ads; vote for Steve Sodders

November 3, 2016
Northern-Sun Print
My mailbox has been filled with Jeff Edler campaign literature, and there are Jeff Edler ads on every TV program. All of the expensive literature and all of the expensive ads have one purpose - to attack Sen.Steve Sodders. I know Jeff Edler to be a good man who cares about his community, and I'm sure he cares about a great many issues affecting the entire district of the senate seat for which he is running. But his campaign has been one attack ad after another, and he is attacking a fine public servant. For I also know Steve Sodders to be a good man who cares about his community, and for the entire district which he currently represents in the state senate. Sen. Sodders has been an effective legislator, and an eager participant in efforts to address issues which personally affect constituents - not only in this district, but across the state. There have been several letters to the editor highlighting his willingness to champion causes to help solve problems which severely impact constituents' lives. For all the good he has done and the good faith with which he has served, he deserves to retain his seat. And finally, I also know a bit about politics. In politics, it really doesn't matter how good or effective a legislator is when it comes to attempting to affect which party holds a majority in the House or the Senate. Sen. Sodders is at the end of his second term, and the Republican Party of Iowa knows that if they don't defeat him now, it could be a long time before they can reclaim that seat. So, as they have done with several Democratic senators across the state, they have launched a nasty negative campaign filled with less than half truths, funded by dark money from outside interests. And Jeff Edler has allowed his name to be attached to this campaign, and that is the real shame of this election. Jeff Edler is better than the campaign he is running - or that the Republican Part of Iowa is running, with Jeff Edler's name attached to it. If you are tired of being played by party politics, and just want to elect leaders who genuinely have the best interests of the state at heart when they serve, you can't do better than to re-elect Sen. Steve Sodders.

Jeannine Grady, Marshalltown



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