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Bailey 4th Grade-Fire Prevention Week

October 21, 2016
Northern-Sun Print
Firemen and Safety Day!!! by Jaden Hansen It was October 12, 2016, and I got out of the car to go into school. I saw something spectacular. It was big and red. The door was open so I peeked. I saw a bed and a lot of medical stuff like what you see in a hospital room. I went into school and put my stuff away. When it was time, we walked into the gym for fire safety day, I saw firemen. One was dressed up in his gear, and he told us, "When you see us like this, do not be scared and hide from us." Then it was poster time. 3rd Grade went first. Now it was 4th Grade. 3rd place was Cole Fleshner. "Ya,ya, ya!" everyone cheered. Now 2nd place - Silas Schellhorn. "Ya, ya, ya!" everyone cheered. Now for the State Poster Winner: Jaden Hansen. "Oh, my gosh! That is me!" I said. I ran up there. Everyone cheered loud, "Ya, ya, ya!" Cole Fleshner got $2.00. Silas Schellhorn got $5.00. And Jaden Hansen (that is me) got $10. The firemen came in and gave us cool water bottles and T-shirts. The water bottles are red with a firefighter sign on them with words and a firefighter hat for the lid. it is so cool that I use mine every day. Ok. Now the T-shirts are cool too. They are dark blue with red words on the top right corner. On the back of the T-shirt there is a firefighter sign in red. it was cool. A kid in 4-B had a unique t-shirt - His name is Canaan Baer In the right corner his words were white. On the back was a saying. It was so cool that I wished that I had it. But it is okay. I still like the one I got. Then we went outside. One fireman showed us all kinds of fire extinguishers, like a kitchen one, a garage fire extinguisher and all sort of fire extinguishers. Everyone got to do a shoot. But Chris, when he went, it was gone so he had to drop it and run. It was funny. The last person was Eli, and when he shot, he shot a lot ~ so much that the fireman could not light it any more and every one was like "nice, that was sweet." Okay my story is done. I had a lot of fun, and I hope you guys had fun reading my story because I had fun writing it. The End!!!

Firefighters at Gladbrook-Reinbeck School by Jace Aneweer On October 12,2016 k-6 had an assembly and fire fighters from Gladbrook and Reinbeck came to Gladbrook-Reinbeck Elementary school to teach about fire safety. At the assembly we had poster contest winners. the theme was Don't wait. Check the date! Replace smoke alarms every 10 years. Two kids from 4-B won: Jaden Hansen got 1st and Slias Schellhorn 2nd. Jaden's poster went on to state. The posters had good quality. Out side 4-B was outside practicing how to use fire extinguishers . A fire fighter asked, ''What word do you use?'' Jace Aneweer said, "PASS" pull,aim,shoot and sweep." Eli put the fire out and it didn't re-start. I will never forget that Chris didn't get the fire out so he ran like he was supposed to.

A Zombie in the Elementary School by Carly Wilson Everyone in 4-B was surprised about a zombie in the elementary school! The firefighters were in the gym. One was dressed in his gear and another said, "Hi, kids, we are going to learn about fire safety." The poster theme was "Don't wait. Check the date! Replace smoke alarms every 10 years." The poster winners were 1st - Jaden Hansen, 2nd - Silas Schellhorn, and 3rd Cole Fleshner. At the end of the program, they gave us gifts: a fire safety shirt and a red water bottle. Canaan's shirt was different from all the others. It was a different design and a different color. Some of the most important things were: how to use a fire extinguisher. I will never forget when Eli put out the fire, and it didn't re-start.

It's Fire Prevention Week! by Jasmine Pittman Everyone was really excited when Mrs. Bailey said, "Surprise! It's Fire Prevention Week!!!! It will be at 8:45, Wednesday, October 12, 2016." It was already Wednesday so of course we could not wait until 8:45. "Read while you wait," Mrs. Bailey told the class. Finally it was 8;45 and we did Locker Line-up and headed to the very loud gym. The firemen told us to not be scare when they came and all the other fire information. It was fun. We had made posters that went with fire prevention. I didn't win. But I'm not going to feel left out because I care ~~ at least two of my classmates won. Here's a list of people who won in 4th grade: Jaden Hansen, Silas Schellhorn, and Cole Fleshner. I'm very happy and excited for them! A couple of the firemen came to our rooms to hand us a shirt and a red water bottle. They were cool! When they left we put money in the 4-B Bucket for our poster winners and for great questions and answers at the assembly. An announcement came in the loud speaker saying, "The firefighters are ready for 4-B." We were going to try the fire extinguishers. It was very cold (I almost froze to death!), but it was fun! Jaden was so cold she said, "I want to sit on top of that fire!" Each of us got to take a turn trying the fire extinguishers. We went back to our classroom, and the firefighters went back to the fire station. We had spent all morning, but it was worth it!

Confusion at Gladbrook-Reinbeck Elementary by Cael Knaack Gladbrook-Reinbeck kids were confused to see a fire truck at school. A few minutes after the kids went into the school they were rush into the gym. A firefighter said, "Hello! This is Fire Prevention Week." This event took place on October 12, 2016. the firemen talked about safety, but I'll skip to the juicy stuff. The kindergarteners got to ride on the fire truck. And the 3rd and 4th graders got to put out a real fire! Gladbrook-Reinbeck Elementary was rolling with excitement. The people that won the poster wars were Jaden Hansen in first place, Silas Schellhorn in second, and Cole Fleshner in third place. Jaden's poster was sent on to State. And that's it for this article. I hope you enjoyed this.

Who Would Be the Winners? by Mallory Wrage At G-R Elementary School on October 12, 2016, everyone was so nervous to see who had won the poster contest and who would go to state for their amazing art work. So many people were waiting for the firefighters to announce the winners ~~ but everyone had to wait. The firefighters started off with some questions. Aric, the lead volunteer firefighter, was the one to ask the questions. Lots of people got a chance to answer. He taught us what to do in case of a fire. Finally, he announced the winners. First up was 3rd grade. In 3rd place is….Grace Storjohann! In second place is … Jayla Hemann! and last but not least, in first place IS … Olivia Riffy! Now for fourth grade: In 3rd place is … Cole Fleshner! In 2nd place is … Silas Schellhorn! Now the moment we had all been waiting for … the first place winner and the poster going to State is … Jaden Hansen! After announcing the winners Aric told us that the 3rd and 4th graders would be using fire extinguishers to put out a fire - outside. It was so cold outside. We weren't sure if the fire would be put out by the wind. One of the firefighter volunteers showed us different kind of extinguishers and a demonstration in case we didn't know what do do. The volunteer asked us if we knew what word you use to remember what to do with a fire extinguisher. Jace's hand shot right up and he said, "PASS: pull, aim, shoot, and sweep." Chris didn't get the fire out, but he knew what to do ~ he ran away from the FIRE ~ screaming. He eventually came back and shot the fire again with a new extinguisher and put out the fire. Eli shot the fire extinguisher for too long and the fire wouldn't light back up so when everyone was done we looked in the bucket and it was almost filled with the dust from the fire extinguisher. While we were outside we heard the fire truck sirens. The kindergarteners were riding. I remember when I was in kindergarten riding the fire truck. I saw my mom at her work. She waved to me, and I waved back. After we were done with the fire extinguishers, we went to our classroom and read our books. We had a visit from the firefighters. They gave us T-shirts and water bottles. Canaan's shirt was unique because it was different than all the others. Mrs. Bailey smiled and laughed when she said, "You have the unique shirt because your are one of a kind, Canaan." Canaan smiled. After all that fun the day had to end. When it comes to an assembly, to poster winners, the fire extinguishers, gifts from the fire fighter, and the kindergarteners, it is all so much fun.

What Is the Assembly About? by Lyndee Moore The kids at G-R Elementary were wondering what the assembly was about. And then they saw the firemen from Gladbrook and Reinbeck. The firemen talked about safety and announced the winners for the poster contest. The winners for 4th grade: for 3rd place is Cole Fleshner, for 2nd place is Silas Schellhorn, and for the one all of you have been waiting for … 1st place is Jaden Hansen. The poster theme was "Don't wait! Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years." For our activity we used a fire extinguisher to put out a fire. it was fun. Eli just kept on spraying the fire. The firefighters gave us shirts. Mrs. Bailey smiled when she said, "You have the unique shirt because you are one of a kind, Canaan." Canaan smiled too.



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