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Letter to the Editor-Joyce Wiese

October 21, 2016
Northern-Sun Print
Dear Editor A vote for anyone other than Donald Trump will ensure that Hillary is exactly who you get. Elections get messy at t he end. In this case the media and the Liberals are so desperate because they realize how large the “movement” is against the status quo. They know if they don’t do something to ruin the competition, Hillary will lose. She cannot win on her own merit or her positions on the issues. So the personal attacks come out, and the digging into the past begins. Democrats will do anything to trick voters into voting for the scripted two faced lying Hillary. Smart voters know that all of this is an attempt to detract from what really matters----the issues. We need DONALD TRUMP to appoint Conservative Supreme Court Justices To reform the Veterans care To strengthen our Military To implement immigration reform To improve National Security To support the Constitution and 2nd Amendment rights To create jobs To help stimulate the economy To renegotiate trade deals that put America first To improve education and end Common Core To lower taxes To MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Most Americans believe we have bigger problems than the Democratic platform of Global Warming. FREE COLLEGE, AND INCREASED MINIMUM WAGE—ALL WILL BRING MORE DEBT AND DESPAIR TO AMERICANS. THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE YIOU VOTE. Think about who will pay for the proposals that Hillary is wanting to implement and what values “FREE send to our youth. Bringing in 550,000 refugees that cannot be properly vetted is not in America’s best interest. We cannot take care of the citizens we have, let alone bringing in more mouths to feed an then not knowing how they feel about America. Voting for TRUMP is the only way we can ensure the items mentioned above will get addressed. Vote TRUMP 2016. Joyce Wiese Toledo


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