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A Museum That Drives! by Nattalee Brinkman

October 7, 2016
Northern-Sun Print
At G-R Elementary all the kids were surprised to see a big van in the parking lot. A man with sunglasses came out of it, invited classes in and showed them around. He said, "Welcome to the University of Iowa Mobile Museum. Today you will learned about three topics: clean and renewable energy, German immigrants in Iowa, and health research at the university. Go inside and have fun." For health research students learned about clubfoot. Clubfoot is a disorder when babies are born. Their foot looks like a golf club. Thanks to Iowa University they came up with a better solution to fix it. Students also found the answer to the quiz question: What percentage of teenage girls and teenage boys was their hands. Boys 48% and girls 58%. The students learned about laser surgery by using a claw-like tool. The last station about health research was about smoking. Smoking is bad for your lungs. It turns them black and weakens them. Students learned that the Germans were the largest immigrant group to Iowa. At one time, more than 60 German newspapers were published in Iowa. Students could listen to German on an old telephone in the exhibit. Fourth Graders are studying immigration in social studies so this exhibit was especially interesting to them. We learned from Mrs. Bailey that Lincoln, a town near us, used to be Berlin, but the name was changed during the war because we were fighting the Germans. The time didn't last forever. The final subject was renewal-clean energy. First of all two of the new and clean energy sources were wind turbines and solar power. People say that windmills and solar power will make a difference in the future. Windmills are big. The blades are as long as a third of a football field. Wow! They might look slow when you drive by in a car, but the ends spin as fast as 200 miles per hour. The G-R kids though how cool to visit a museum on wheels. On September 20, 2016, 4-B learned all about renewable-clean energy, German immigrants, and health research at the University of Iowa.


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