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Letter to the Editor-Ellenbecker

September 23, 2016
Northern-Sun Print
Letter to the Editor: Time for Truth I want to thank the citizens of Tama County for all their support that I have received during my campiagn going door-to-door and during the parades. One question that keeps coming up while meeting with people during my campaign is the same question that was raised in 2012. “Who is being truthful about 24 hour coverage in Tama County?” I was truthful in 2012, and I’m being truthful in 2016. The Tama County Sheriff’s Office does not have a deputy out on patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I have been told by many citizens that they are being told something different than what I’m saying. They have stated that it is obvious that someone is not being truthful about the coverage. I explain to them that I have no reason not to be truthful, and I would not push for something that currently exists. In 2012, 1 was pushing for a Detective Division. In 2016, 1 took off the Detective Division part of my campaign because we have a Detective now. In the June 1, 2016 copy of the Toledo Chronicle, Sheriff Kucera stated in his biography for the upcoming election that he was the Executive Director of Tama County EMA and 911 Boards. After doing research, Sheriff Kucera is not the Executive Director of either board. There is a chairman, but Sheriff Kucera is not that person. It’s time for Tama County Citizens to get the truth and not be mislead. I’m asking Sheriff Kucera to be truthful when it comes to 24 hour coverage seven days a week and not mislead the citizens. In summary, I’m running for Tama County Sheriff because I care about the citizens of Tama County. I believe that the citizens of Tama County deserve 24 hour coverage, seven days a week. I ask for your support and vote. Bryan Ellenbecker Candidate for Sheriff


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