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Gladbrook Women’s Club

September 16, 2016
Northern-Sun Print
The first meeting of Gladbrook Women’s Club for 2016-17 was held Thursday, September 8th at Independent Living at 1:30 with 17 members attending. President Shirley called the meeting to order and opened with a poem entitled “September Fire”. Shirley introduced Rodney Hassler from the Iowa Barn Restoration Foundation, a non-profit organization. Hassler is the volunteer for Marshall County. The Foundation started in 1997 and the first barn tour was in 1998. A membership to the Foundation is $25 and there are currently 1500 members state wide. Iowa was the 1st in the nation to start preserving barns. At one time there were 200,000 barns in the state of Iowa but Hassler said we are losing about 1000 per year. Money is available through grants and matching funds to preserve these barns. Hassler said his favorite is the round barn and there are currently 120 in the state. Barn tours are available by going on your own and visiting with the owners who have preserved the barns. The state is divided into 3 divisions, Western, Central and Eastern. Tama County is in the central division. Their website has a lot of information. Attendance was taken. The minutes were dispensed with as no meeting was held in May or June and dated back to April. June gave the treasurer’s report. Correspondence included a thank you from Barb Muhs and the NW Food Pantry and the Corn Carnival thanking us for our participation and announcing our 1st place and receiving $100. Enclosed were a couple pictures of our float. Holiday Happenings will be Monday, November 10th and committee slots were filled. Declining membership was discussed and Shirley encouraged us all to bring a new prospect to a meeting. In years past the club had a ‘membership committee’ that worked on getting new members. Avriel introduced Kathy Poling as a guest. Some of our members feel they need to quit because they are unable to help anymore. We discussed ‘what makes an honorary member’ as there isn’t anything in our bylaws that says what an honorary member is. Mary Jane said an organization she is a part of has honorary members and that is when they have been a member for 50 years and had to be an officer for 1 year. They do not pay dues. The club will vote on this at our October meeting to see if we want to add this to our bylaws. Avriel announced our October meeting to Uncle Bill’s Farm in Grinnell on October 13th and passed a sheet for those wishing to attend and who was willing to drive. We will meet at the UMC at 10:30. Avriel read the birthdays and anniversaries for September and October. Shirley closed with a poem.


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