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School levy extended 10 years by GMG voters

December 7, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
PPEL approved in special election Tuesday Voters in the GMG School District extended the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy in the district another 10 years in a special election held Tuesday. A total of 77 percent of voters approved the PPEL extension at the same rate of 67 cents per thousand dollars of property valuation. The district includes portions of Marshall and Tama County. “We’re very pleased with the results and that it passed with such a high margin,” said GMG Superintendent Ben Petty. “That shows great community support.” The PPEL provides funds for the school district to be used mainly on improvements to the buildings and grounds, and the purchasing of technology, buses and equipment. A total of 88 “yes” votes were cast and 26 “no” votes. There are 1,436 registered voters in the GMG District, which means voter turnout was at 8 percent Tuesday. School elections like these typically have low voter turnout. Petty said there has been a history of community support for GMG schools, citing past bond votes that were approved to build the new elementary school in Green Mountain and the secondary school addition and gym in Garwin. “It’s been a community that’s been very willing to support the district,” Petty said. GMG has been working with the current voter approved levy for 10 years and it was set to expire in 2013. Now, the current levy is extended to 2023. The current PPEL provided $80,800 in funds for the school district this year. “This will help keep our bus fleet up to date and we’ll be able to make other improvements,” Petty said. In Marshall County, there was a 75 percent approval rate by 40 voters and in Tama County there was a 78 percent approval rate by 74 voters. The levy needed a 50 percent plus one vote of “yes” to pass.


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