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Letter to the Editor-Richardson

December 7, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Letter to the Editor: I am concerned as to how letters to the editor are handled by our local newspapers. My reason for concern is as follows: I was aware of a notice in the newspapers that no letters to the editor concerning the general election would be accepted after October 26. This notice was in the Tama News Herald. On October 29, 1 went to the office of the local papers in Tama and was advised by staff that letters to the editor could not be accepted, which I was aware of At this time I paid for an advertisement to run in our local papers. The Tama News Herald, Traer Star Clipper, Dysart Reporter and the Gladbrook Northern Sun. The advertisement did appear in these newspapers dated November 2. Also in the November 2 issue of these newspapers was a letter to the editor by Sheriff Kucera which contained comments about the advertisement which I paid for in these same papers. Since Sheriff Kucera could not have known about my advertisement prior to November 26, or prior to November 29 it is apparent to me that someone within our local newspaper organization provided Sheriff Kucera the information in my advertisement and allowed Sheriff Kucera to include his comments about the advertisement in his letter to the editor in the November 2 issues. With this information, I went back to the Newspaper office in Tama and talked with Editor John Speer. Mr. Speer could not explain to me how this could have happened but he did say that his staff in Tama did not provide the information of my advertisement to Sheriff Kucera. Well Mr. Speer someone within your organization did! Mike Richardson Tama



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