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Tama Co. Board of Supervisors by Joyce Wiese

October 26, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Tama County Supervisors Larry Vest, Kendall Jordan and Dan Wilkens met Monday morning for the regular meeting of the supervisors. Lyle Brehm was present to discuss the Urban Renewal Agreement. The Urban Renewal Agreement includes all cities within two miles of an urban renewal area. This includes all paved roads west of Highway 63 and north of old Highway 30 (E49), also the Columbia stub road, the quarry road to Highway T47, all rock roads in Spring Creek Township. The Urban Renewal Agreement, according to Chapter 403 of the Code of Iowa states counties have certain renewal powers. In accordance with paragraph 4 of Section 403.17 of the Code of Iowa,a county may exercise urban renewal powers with respect to property which is located within two miles of the boundary of a city, only if the county and city have entered into a joint agreement with respect to such exercise of powers. The Board of Supervisors of Tama County has been requested to adopt an urban renewal plan and establish an urban renewal are (the Vienna Wind Farm Urban Renewal Area). The Board of Supervisors have requested that the Cities of Lincoln, Gladbrook, Garwin, Montour, LeGrand, Tama and Toledo all enter into an agreement in order to enable the County to exercise urban renewal powers within the Vienna Wind Farm Urban Renewal Area. The County may exercise urban renewal powers , according to the Code of Iowa, Chapter 403, with respect to the property includes within the Vienna Wind Farm Urban Renewal Area. The agreement shall be deemed to meet the statutory requirements of the Code of Iowa, and shall be effective following approval by the governing bodies and execution by the appropriate officials of Tama County and the Cities of Lincoln, Gladbrook,Garwin, Montour, Legrand, Tama and Toledo. All Tama County towns have returned their agreement to the County Engineer and word has been received from the City of Legrand they have approved the agreement but had not yet returned the agreement. A public hearing for this project will be held in January and municipal bonds will be selling after the public hearing. For more information contact your Supervisor or the County Engineer. In other business, a Utility Permit was approved for Windstream Communications, Inc. to place a buried copper telephone cable in Salt Creek Township on 400 Street East of Highway V18. Alliant Energy was granted a permit to bore uner Highwy E29 to install a new gas line at 1707 Highway E29, in Howard Township, Section 9. Two quarterly reports were approved. The Sheriff’s quarterly report shows a balance on hand of $3186.09 and receipts including Law Enforcement Contracts in the amount of $50,122.79, of $100,626.16. Disbursements of $93,697.09, leaving a balance on hand of $10,115.16. The County Auditor’s report shows total receipts of $417.00. This included $378.00 for Maps and Plat Books (GIS shapefiles) and $39.00 for Miscellaneous. County Engineer Lyle Brehm also told supervisors the plans for the last three miles of Highway D65 is in his spring plan with bids being taken in April. Claims for the past week came to $108.186.51.



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